Homemade shrimp wonton soup

Warm up to a bowl of Jessica Tong's ginger chicken broth with homemade shrimp wontons. 
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Gluten-free mini banana pancakes

These mini pancakes are perfect for lazy weekend mornings. Serve with plain Greek yogurt for a ...
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New study suggests dragon fruit may have anti-diabetic properties

Dragon fruit (also called pitaya) is a brightly coloured, beautiful fuit that grows on cacti. Rich ...
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28 grams of nuts a day keeps the doctor away

By Medisys | January 18 2018 | Nutrition & Recipes
According to a large study, eating a small portion of nuts each day protects against heart disease, ...
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Making sense of healthy eating

Is gluten bad for you? Should you only buy organic? Is a plant-based diet healthier? Healthy eating ...
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Healthy, hearty, wild mushroom, lentil, and barley soup

By Medisys | January 16 2018 | News, Nutrition & Recipes
Although quick and easy to prepare, this soup is loaded with nutrition and will keep you full until ...
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Guess why your diet isn't working? Hint: it may have nothing to do with food.

By Medisys | January 04 2018 | News, Nutrition & Recipes
  Regular exercise and maintaining a healthy balanced diet will always be important components of ...
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Why fasting often backfires, leading to longer-term weight gain

Some claim fasting is the pathway to sustainable weight loss, optimal health, and even longer ...
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Think artificial sweeteners are a better choice? Think again!

By Jessica Tong, RD; Andrea Stokes RD, and Dr. Farrell Cahill, Senior Research Lead, Medisys Health ...
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The new shingles vaccine. Your questions answered.

An interview with Dr. Jay Keystone, Travel Health Director at the Medisys Preventive Health Clinic ...
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Spoiler Alert: If you have a desk job, regular exercise is not enough exercise

Could a standing desk save your life and protect you from heart disease? Possibly, according to new ...
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By Medisys | December 18 2017 | Nutrition & Recipes
December holidays come but once a year, can’t we let loose a little? Do you really want me to spoil ...
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Why you need to ramp up exercise in December, no excuses!

By Medisys | December 09 2017 | Men's Health, News, Women's Health
Vow to put your health first this holiday season.
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Is Lipolysis Really Worth All the Hype?

By Medisys | December 04 2017 | Skin Care, Women's Health
How common is cellulite?
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How to avoid putting on those 'holiday party pounds'

Most of us know that eggnog, shortbread cookies, mini sausage rolls, turkey stuffing and mini ...
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Recipe Booklet

By Medisys | December 01 2017 | Nutrition & Recipes
Eat right with the right tips.  Download the Medisys Recipe Booklet for healthy and delicious meal ...
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Later bedtimes in children linked to learning difficulties, ADHD, and lower grades

By Medisys | November 30 2017 | Mental Wellness, News, Physical Health
Canada is one of the most sleep deprived countries in the world, with 30% of us  sleeping less than ...
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Refined Sugar Free Holiday Gingerbread Loaf

By Medisys | November 27 2017 | Nutrition & Recipes
This recipe is adapted ...
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Why using sunscreen in the winter is just as important

By Medisys | November 25 2017 | Men's Health, News, Skin Care
While the death rates for many types of cancers are going down in this country, thanks to earlier ...
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Beet hummus - an easy, healthy, festive, holiday dip!

By Medisys | November 24 2017 | Nutrition & Recipes
Looking for an easy, festive holiday recipe to serve at your company pot luck? Try our beet ...
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9 Common Nutrition Myths Debunked

Registered Dietitian Lily Elizabeth Lam takes nine rampant health myths to task in order to ...
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Acne truth and lies

Today more than ever, both in adolescence and in adulthood, men and women feel increased pressure ...
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Feeling Moody? Try Drinking More Water.

By Medisys | November 23 2017 |
The holiday season is pften filled with sugary treats, salty foods, and alcohol (all of which can ...
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Why do men die younger than women?

By Medisys | November 16 2017 | Men's Health, Physical Health
Across the world, men die six to ten years younger than women, for reasons that are largely ...
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Turn it off before tucking in: why blue light has a dark side

By Medisys | November 16 2017 | Brain Health
Canada is one of the most sleep deprived countries on the planet, with 30% of us getting less than ...
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Is your commute to work making you anxious, depressed, stressed out, and generally unhealthy?

Studies show those with longer commutes to work are less healthy than their peers.
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Medisys Health Group Inc. celebrates its 30th anniversary by welcoming clients to new flagship clinic and head office in Montreal

By Medisys | November 06 2017 | News
MONTREAL, Nov. 6, 2017  - Medisys Health Group Inc. ("Medisys" or the "Company"), Canada's leading ...
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MEET DR. ROSE HSU, Medisys calgary

By Medisys | November 02 2017 | Meet Our Experts
We are delighted to welcome Dr. Rose Hsu to the Medisys Calgary team.Dr. Hsu graduated with ...
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Happiness Challenge

By Medisys | November 01 2017 | Challenges
While Canada is still ahead of the U.S. in overall happiness rankings (according to the world ...
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The Real ROI of Employee Wellness Programs

By Medisys | October 27 2017 | Men's Health, News, Women's Health
Are you optimizing the return on investment (ROI) of your company's employee wellness programs? ...
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What it means to "eat a rainbow” and why it matters

Put your health first and try to include a variety of fruits and vegetables from each colour ...
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Why the pumpkin is the queen of the season

Between Thanksgiving and Halloween, each autumn, hundreds of thousands of pumpkins are honored – ...
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10 super healthy foods to add to your grocery list

By Medisys | October 05 2017 | News, Nutrition & Recipes
If you are cutting carbs by reducing your consumption of highly-processed foods and refined sugar, ...
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Cutting carbs?  Try our healthy low-carb meal planner!

Low-carb living shouldn't mean eating bacon, cold cuts, and high-fat cheese for every meal! If you ...
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Ketogenic Diet 101: An interview with leading cardiologist Dr. Sebag

Find out what leading Cardiologist, Dr. Ibal Sebag, has to say about the ketogenic diet, and gain ...
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Hearty, high fibre, lentil vegetable soup

By Donna Acal, RD | September 08 2017 | News, Nutrition & Recipes
Not only is this hearty lentil soup high in fibre and great for those crisp autumn evenings, it’s ...
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Guess how much money your company is losing to persistent diarrhea?

By Jessica Tong, RD | September 08 2017 | Physical Health
Let’s get down to business. About 15-30% of Canadians suffer from chronic constipation1, ...
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Are you drinking the calorie equivalent of a pile of donuts?

By Jessica Tong, RD | September 07 2017 | Nutrition & Recipes
Do you enjoy a glass of wine to help you unwind after a stressful work day or a cold beer on a hot ...
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September Newsletter - Stress: The Silent Killer

By Medisys | September 01 2017 | Newsletters
Stress is implicated in nearly every major chronic condition from Alzheimer’s to obesity and ...
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How to practice "mindful eating" in five easy steps

By Andrea Stokes | September 01 2017 | Nutrition & Recipes
Meet Andrea Stokes, Registered Dietitian. Andrea is based out of the Definitions clinic in St. ...
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Three reasons why your company needs a wellness program

Employee wellness programs simply make good business sense.  According to Corporate Wellness ...
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Want to combat heart disease? Eat more chocolate!

According to research, chocolate helps prevent heart disease, fights cell damage, and improves ...
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Think diet pop is a better choice? Consider this...

Consuming zero calorie sweeteners may actually lead to weight gain and a host of other health ...
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Three reasons why your diet isn’t working

By Medisys | August 12 2017 | Nutrition & Recipes
Here are three common diet traps that may be stopping you from reaching your weight loss goals.
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"Healthy" Takeout Meals with More Carbs Than Half a Loaf of White Bread!

Busy work days and an endless array of lunch options can make healthy work days a daunting task. By ...
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How to Build Healthier Snacks

Balance your day with simple snacks that are low in sugar and rich in protein and healthy ...
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What is the "quadrivalent" flu vaccine?

By Medisys | August 06 2017 | Physical Health
Until recently, seasonal influenza vaccines were designed to protect against three different ...
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Certain diets associated with a lower risk of depression, anxiety, and bipolar disorder

By Medisys | August 04 2017 |
Studies suggest that healthy diets are associated with a lower risk of depression, anxiety, bipolar ...
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What is the difference between the flu and a common cold?

By Medisys | August 03 2017 | Physical Health
As fall begins, we start to see the leaves change, the temperatures drop and the number of coughs ...
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Foods That Make Your Skin Glow

How diet affects skin health remains controversial, but as research progresses, certain nutrients ...
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August Newsletter - Healthy, Informed Eating

By Medisys | August 01 2017 | Newsletters
Which has more carbs: a burrito bowl or 10 slices of white bread? Discover how well-balanced your ...
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Getting Calcium From A Dairy-Free Diet

By Medisys | August 01 2017 |
Calcium, the most abundant mineral in the body, is vital for building strong bones and teeth but ...
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Why you should eat more fermented foods 

By Medisys | July 31 2017 | Nutrition & Recipes
If you don't eat fermented foods such as kimchi, sauerkraut, yogurt, kombucha or natto, consider ...
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Lentil marinara sauce

I love this lentil marinara sauce on spaghetti squash, zucchini noodles, or shirataki noodles but ...
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How pomegranates protect against the development of Alzheimer's disease

By Medisys | July 29 2017 | Nutrition & Recipes
Recent research suggests that pomegranate extract, which is a rich source of disease-fighting ...
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