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10-Day Stretch for Success Challenge - Sign up for Free Today

By Medisys on May 29 2020 | Challenges & Guides

For most of us, staying at home for more than a month due to COVID-19 has made our lifestyles more sedentary than before. With minimal movement, not leaving your residence, and a subpar workstation set-up, experiencing aches and pains is not uncommon. Take some time for yourself and commit to the 10-Day Stretch for Success challenge.

The main features of the challenge are:

  • A daily email with five stretches a day, for 10 consecutive days
  • Tips and information on the benefits of stretching
  • Takes less than 15 minutes a day
  • Receive a full guide at the end of the challenge
  • No equipment required
  • Created by Medisys supported by TELUS Health Kinesiologists
  • Helps you develop a daily habit that will benefit your body mechanics

Taking on this challenge and stretching daily will help with many aspects of your life in the long run. Among other things, daily stretching:

  • Will help delay reduced mobility that can come with aging
  • Can be used as a meditation exercise to help calm the mind
  • Reduces tension caused by stress in the neck, shoulders and upper back

Join the 10-day stretch for success challenge