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4 Tips to help you achieve your personal goals

I told myself, “I’m beautiful, I’m a good person, and I can do it,” for the tenth time this morning, while staring into the mirror at the dark circles under my eyes, remnants of my sleepless nights. These few words of encouragement are just one of the techniques that I regularly use to boost my self-confidence and motivate myself when I get discouraged.

It’s not easy nowadays to balance your family and social life with a busy work schedule, while creating new projects that feed your soul. For me, life is like the ocean in the summer. One day it’s calm and peaceful. The next day, the waves are ferocious, and we have to learn to swim amongst them. Only by remaining aware can we breathe again when the storm passes. How many of us have lain awake at night trying to find solutions to problems that will likely never arise?

We live in fear of failure, fear of moving forward. When we decide to make changes in our lives without suffering moments of weakness, we’re able to concentrate on aligning ourselves with our objectives, while working on not judging ourselves. Some days, we’re highly motivated, and then we get hit with a wave of discouragement, as our ideas differ from what we wanted the previous day. That’s when we can feel our ideas bouncing around in our minds, muddling our real objectives. Know that each day, when we wake up, a new opportunity is waiting for us.



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The desire to go beyond our last achievement pushes us to never be satisfied with our past successes. The satisfaction we felt when we realized that our success was the result of all the effort that we put into the endeavour seems so remote. We need to learn to be patient with ourselves because self-love starts by accepting that we are perfectly imperfect individuals.

In order to come up with other ways of motivating myself, I talked to my co-worker, Melissa Morisseau, a kinesiologist at the Montreal Medisys clinic. She gladly accepted to share a few secrets that she uses to reach her personal objectives, whether in her professional or family life.



Every day is a new opportunity for us to pursue our dreams. That’s my mantra! The desire to give up can cross our minds, but we should remain confident in our possibilities and continue to open new doors each day. “Yesterday taught me what I’ll need to help me get ahead today!” Find the mantra that motivates you and you’ll never back down again.



Writing about my future plans in a journal is also a source of motivation for me. It’s basically an outline of my ideas that gives me an image of how I’ve evolved over time. It’s a therapeutic activity that helps us flush out words that we’re unable to verbalize. It’s not magic, but rather a mentality to adopt in everyday life. As Myriam so aptly put it, we should accept that we are perfectly imperfect. Put words to your ambitions!



We often forget to save some time for ourselves. For me, it’s important to get away from my busy schedule, and I would even say that this time should be a priority. It’s important to find passions that make you happy! My own escape is cardio kick boxing. This sport reduces physical tension, while allowing energy to better circulate in the body. Having the privilege of taking time each day for ourselves helps us become much calmer and more positive.



My family and friends are my pillars of support! Without them in my life, I would not have reached the same level of accomplishment. We often tend to think that we can succeed without outside help, but we shouldn’t hesitate to ask for help from the people we love. Go easy on yourself, because it’s not a sign of weakness. We’re all human and accepting a helping hand is another way to stay motivated in realizing your dreams.


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I would have loved to say that yelling abracadabra” was the magic formula to reaching your life objectives, but perseverance is the key. You certainly won’t reach the moon in a single day, but with consistent effort, you’ll eventually get there. The important thing is to believe in your abilities and to find ways of motivating yourself that match your personality.