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5 festive activities to try with your bubble

By Medisys on November 10 2020 | COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

While each province and territory will have its own guidelines surrounding gathering sizes as the festive season approaches, there’s a good chance that you’ll be spending even more time with your “bubble” during your holidays. But that doesn’t have to mean Netflix and takeout instead of holiday cheer.

Here are five festive activities to try with your bubble this year:


1. Go tobogganing

Whether you have young kids or not, dust off your old toboggan or pick up a couple of “magic carpet” style sleds from your local dollar store and head to a nearby hill for some fresh air and guaranteed laughter. Just remember to wear a mask to protect others and head to a different hill if it’s too busy to maintain physical distancing with other groups.


If you have questions about correct mask use or experience rashes, difficulty breathing or any other concerns related to masking, start a virtual consult with a healthcare professional.

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2. Host a contactless charity drive

Charities who rely on volunteers have been hard-hit during the pandemic, but with a little bit of creativity, your bubble can make a big difference for those in need by organizing a contactless drive. Call up a local shelter, food bank, or children’s foundation and see what kind of goods they are in need of this year, then use your address book or social media network to rally your contacts and gather new items to donate. Whether it’s non-perishable food items, new clothing or gift cards, simply arrange to pick up items from those willing to donate by having them leave a bag or box outside for you. Don’t forget to snap a picture of everything you’ve gathered before dropping off your donation so you can share it with everyone who helped!

3. Decorate, decorate, decorate

Don’t be tempted to keep your holiday decorations boxed up this year just because you won’t be hosting your annual party, family reunion or Secret Santa exchange. Even if you live alone, giving your surroundings a festive touch will help you remember that the season’s spirit can’t be cancelled. Splurge on a scented candle, make a huge popcorn garland to add to your tree or banister or go crazy with the twinkle lights. There is much to celebrate this year — like your loved ones, your health and your resilience.

4. Cook for a crowd — then freeze it for later

You likely won’t need to cook for a large crowd this year, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t cook in large quantities. If you enjoy the tradition of preparing a large, festive meal, or baking dozens of cookies, do it anyway — then freeze leftovers in batches to enjoy in the weeks and months to come.


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5. Start a new tradition

The coming weeks may bring feelings of disappointment about holiday traditions that just won’t happen in 2020, but there may also be an opportunity to start a new seasonal ritual with your immediate family or a friend you’ve “bubbled up” with. A Mexican-themed Christmas day? A movie marathon on New Year’s Eve? Nothing is off the table, as long as it’s safe and brings you and your bubble joy. Remember that traditions had to start somewhere, and this is a rare opportunity to get to decide on a new one.