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5 foods that are falling off the popularity list (for good reason)

By Jessica Tong, RD on February 15 2018 | Nutrition & Recipes

Some food trends stick around for decades, others fall in and out of fashion like styles of jeans. Which foods are falling off the popularity list this year? Here are a few... 


Breakfast cereals: Do you still start your day with a big bowl of cereal? Breakfast cereal, especially those loaded with refined sugar, has been declining in popularity for over a decade. Manufacturers of common breakfast cereals report losing share of the breakfast market to a whole host of competitors that offer higher-protein, higher fibre, lower-sugar breakfast options like Greek yogurt, breakfast bars and even (thanks to the high-fat diet craze) bacon. Health conscious consumers increasingly seek breakfasts made from whole foods and unrefined grainsLooking for healthy breakfast ideas? Download our free recipe book. 


White sugar: There is a growing trend away from white table sugar toward more natural sugars like honey, maple syrup, raw cane sugar, coconut sugar etc.  Natural sugars may contain small amounts of vitamins and minerals, however, warns Jessica Tong, Registered Dietitian at Medisys Preventive Health, “Consuming natural sugars often gives people a false sense of security".  Added sugars are still metabolized in the body the same way - a cup of maple syrup still contains over 200 grams of sugar (about the same amount as a cup of white sugar).  A cookie sweetened with raw organic cane sugar really isn't all that much better for you than a cookie sweetened with refined white sugar - they both will spike blood glucose levels in much the same way.  The best source of sweetness is whole fruit (not fruit juice). Think artificial sweeteners are a better alternative? Think again. Looking to cut sugar? Join our free 30 day no-refined-sugar challenge. Click here to learn more. 


Diet pop: Pop (both diet and the sugar-packed variety) has been slipping in popularity as health and weight conscious consumers turn from diet pop to flavoured waters and other beverages that don’t contain artificial sweeteners and additives. Although Health Canada rigorously tests the safety of products including artificial sweeteners before they are approved for consumption, many people continue to be wary of the health implications of consuming artificial sweeteners, especially in high quantities or by children.  “Flavoured carbonated waters are really popular right now” says Tong, “they contain only natural flavour extracts and no sugar or artificial sweeteners”.  Some examples include naturally-flavoured Nestle Pure Life Sparkling Water, Perrier flavoured carbonated water, or Dasani Sparkling Water. Ready to make a change? Try our 9 day hydration challenge. 


White bread: White bread was surpassed in sales by whole wheat bread around 2006, but in recent years the gluten-free, keto diet, paleo diet, and low-carb lifestyle trends have hurt sales of all bread products in general. “People are looking for higher-protein breads now, not just high-fibre breads” says Tong. A good amount of protein in a slice of bread is about 6g protein.  However, more recently, breads are showing up on supermarket shelves and local bakeries that boast 10-15 g protein per slice! Looking to adopt a healthy low carb living lifestyle? Check out our free guide.


Gourmet cupcakes: Alas, the gourmet cupcake craze is officially dead making way for paleo, keto, gluten-free, refined sugar free, vegan and other diet-focused bakeries.  “I would say the French macaron craze is nearing the end of its life too” comments Tong.  Love cupcakes? Try our refined sugar free cupcake recipe. 





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