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Taking care of yourself during menopause

Prostate health 101

September newsletter - The back to routine issue

5 things to know about nurse practitioners

Considering a detox? It may affect more than your body

Workplace suicide prevention

Mask wearing 101

Back to school? 5 ways to support kids' mental health

Meet Kathryn Sharman, Nurse Practitioner, Akira by TELUS Health

2020 Summer Thrive Guide - Free Download

5 summer self-love strategies

4 creative ways to mix up your outdoor workout

3 Delicious DIY popsicles - not just for kids!

3 no-fridge-required summer lunches

6 Tips for Healthier Grilling

A Complete Guide to Sun Protection 

Virtual Preventive Health Assessment 101

Why you should take your vacation days this summer

Take Time to “Zoom-Out” to Support your Physical & Mental Health!

How to stock your own office pantry

Keeping your cool during this phase of COVID-19

Optimize your energy levels through your diet

Going back to work? Consider these safety tips

Special issue: Your return to work guide

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Your virtual birthday party guide

Self-care apps to refresh your #StayHome routine

5 travel-free adventures to plan this summer

Summer Thrive Guide: COVID-19 Edition

The Return to work guide (RTW) for employers

Meet our Nursing Heroes

Navigating intimacy during the COVID-19 pandemic

Your homemade face mask guide

How to identify (and keep!) the positive shifts you've made

How to heal your dry hands

5 steps to smarter online shopping

Special issue: Thinking ahead to our new normal

Digital Programming and Resources

Meet Doug Williams, Registered Practical Nurse, Medisys Ottawa

#StayHome Virtual Yoga Series

Celebrate with refined-sugar free watermelon birthday "cake"

Special issue: Avoiding work from home burnout during COVID-19

Q&A with Jonathan Lohé Chung, Kinesiologist

4 Self-massage techniques

The perfect #WFH lunch guide

How to mitigate digital eye strain

4 Easy make-ahead power snacks

Educational video: Mindful eating

Meet Dr. Jacqueline Jenkins, Family physician in Calgary at medisys

Webinar recording: Healthy living during Covid-19

Educational video: Power of positive

Educational video: The 6 lifesaver skills for increased resilience

Educational video: Sleep sense

Educational video: Sit like a pro

Special issue: Covid-19 Mental health pulse check

7 strategies for treating insomnia

Recipe: Blood-sugar balancing chocolate bark

How to optimize your mental health through food

Q&A with Dr. Lyndall Schumann, Clinical Psychologist, Union Health

#StayHome Recipe Guide - Free download

Yoga: health benefits beyond the mat

Special issue: #Stayhome and flourish

Self-compassion is vital: here’s how to practice it

Q&A with Dr. Le, family physician at Medisys

3 ways to curb anxiety at home

4 crowd-pleasing freezer recipes

Special issue: Navigating our new reality

The Ultimate Freezer Guide (How to make your grocery shop last)

4 ways on how to support employees during COVID-19

6 COVID-19 myths busted

How to maintain physical distancing during good weather

Your COVID-19 cheat sheet

Special issue: How to thrive and stay healthy during COVID-19

Webinar recording: The employer's guide to COVID-19

COVID-19: Questions and answers for employers

Pandemic meal planning: 4 wholesome pantry recipes

How to work effectively from home

Recipe: no-bake energy bites

Pandemic grocery shopping 101

7 Ways to keep your health on track during the pandemic

Mental health & COVID-19: 5 tips for coping

COVID-19: Advice for Parents

March Newsletter - The Power of Food

Recipe: Golden temple soup

5 Food and nutrition trends for 2020

5 Reasons why you should cook with your kids

How to nourish from the inside out

The plant-based diet - a beginner's guide

Meet Your Calgary Dietitians

February Newsletter - Get proactive. Get preventive.

Breast cancer: what you need to know

What your hands say about your health

5 strategies to cope with a cancer diagnosis

Testimonial: my preventive health assessment revealed a time-bomb

Coronavirus outbreak: safety recommendations

4 Tips to help you achieve your personal goals

5 Tips for a healthy Super Bowl

January Newsletter - The Best Start Issue

2020 Eye Exercises Calendar - Free Download

3 Exercise resolutions that can lead to success

Considering a juice cleanse? Here's why you should reconsider

Vaping: all you need to know

4 Ways to love your body in 2020

2020 Desk stretches Calendar for Your Work Station - Free Download

5 ways to keep your New Years' Resolutions

December Newsletter - Your Holiday Thrive Guide

Thank you, from your partner in health

How to keep the peace this holiday season

6 Tips for managing holiday loneliness

Nutrigenomix®: 3 Surprising Things A Nutrigenomics Test Can Reveal

Meet Your Montreal Dietitians

Meet Your Toronto Dietitians

Recipe: Hearty Instant Pot Carnitas

Irritable Bowel Syndrome 101

November Newsletter - spotlight on digestive health

10 superfoods that are keto diet friendly

Boost your digestive health through exercise

Simple steps to preventing diabetes

5 easy tips to escape the frenzy of daily life

How mental health affects digestion

13 why sparks important conversations

4 ways to fight mental health stigma

October Newsletter - This autumn, don't fall out of health

Recipe : lentil stew with leafy greens

7 reasons to use virtual care this fall

The flu vaccine: myths and facts

HPV: not just a female issue

Achieving healthy self-esteem

Stress - The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

7 tips for achieving a healthy work-life balance

Workplace Wellness in 5 Easy Steps

10 behaviours that should raise red flags

Sad? You may suffer from seasonal affective disorder

Stop Multitasking at Get More Done

Mental Health in the Workplace: Fighting Stigma

September Newsletter - A new school year, a fresh start at work

Energizing peanut butter banana smoothie

Feed your brain for success

5 tips for preventing the spread of influenza in the workplace

How to stay energized at work, all day, everyday

5 Things to look for when comparing virtual care platforms

Making Time for Your Health

August Newsletter - A summer of self-care

Five ways to spice up your salad

Break through your weight-loss plateau

Nutrigenetics: the future of personalized nutrition

How to Boost Employee Wellness Benefits and HR with IT Solutions

Medisys 30-Day Mental Health E-Challenge - Sign up for Free Today!

Pricing Models for Corporate Virtual Care Solutions

The Top Preventative Corporate & Employee Health Plan Option

July Newsletter - Make the Most Out of Summer

Measles: your questions answered

The Outdoor Exercise Guide

Sick on vacation? Skip the walk-in clinic with virtual care

Thyroid Health 101: Is your thyroid doing its job?

Medisys featured in Benefits and Pensions Monitor: Curbing Workplace Absenteeism with Virtual Healthcare

Addiction: Early Warning Signs of Addictive Behaviours

2019 Virtual Healthcare Industry Report - Free Download

Cancer prevention: Reduce your risks!

Easy ways to minimize food waste

What's in your plate can save the planet

June Newsletter - Taking Charge of Your Health & the Health of Your Planet

10 myths about virtual care

Fighting Seasonal Allergies

The Benefits of Interval Training

What you need to know about Vitamin D

May Newsletter - The Women's Health Issue

Greek Spaghetti Squash Bowl

Taking the stigma out of vaginal atrophy

The best foods for women as they age

4 Reasons to consult a virtual doctor

8 Things every woman should do for her brain

If you want to take charge of your future, consider these 5 things

5 Health issues that can be treated with an online doctors visit

Foods That Make Your Skin Glow

April Newsletter - Your Skin Health

Want to shed a few pounds? Replace just ONE serving of fruit juice or pop per day with flavoured water or herbal tea!

6 Things You Need to Know About Telemedicine and Telehealth Companies Canada

Recipe: Gluten-free, high-protein Dutch baby

What to eat for a radiant, healthy skin

Rosacea: symptoms, causes, and prevention

Swap your beef burger for a plant-based one

Antibiotics aren’t always the answer. Let a viral cold run it’s course.

Virtual healthcare 101: everything you need to know about telemedicine

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