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Dr. Farrell Cahill

Dr. Farrell Cahill is a recognized leader in the field of obesity, diabetes, and exercise physiology in Canada. Through his expertise in genetics, endocrinology, and human physiology, Dr. Cahill explores the aetiology and management of both obesity and diabetes to improve occupational health and performance. Along with 16 years of research experience, Dr. Cahill has published 26 manuscripts in peer-reviewed journals and presented 45 abstracts at national and international conferences. Dr. Cahill holds a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Kinesiology and a PhD in Medicine.

Recent Posts

Cannabis Legalization: What Employers Need to Know

By Dr. Farrell Cahill | October 17 2018 | Mental Wellness, News
With the legalization of recreational cannabis in Canada now upon us, employers are getting ...
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Why Sleep Deprivation Costs the Canadian Economy $20 Billion a Year

By Dr. Farrell Cahill | September 18 2018 | Brain Health, News
The average Canadian employee gets less than six hours of sleep per night. According to research, ...
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Sleep Deprivation: As Damaging to Brain Health as Binge Drinking?

By Dr. Farrell Cahill | September 03 2018 | Brain Health
If you are like many Canadians, you’re getting less than six hours of sleep per night, according to ...
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Refined sugar and highly processed foods can lead to "food addiction" and compulsive overeating

Accumulating evidence has documented neurobiological and behavioural similarities between ...
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The Healthy Low Carb Living Guide - Free Download

If your idea of low-carb living is eating meat and cheese for every meal, it might be time to ...
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The Ultimate Sleep Guide - Free Download

What's worse for brain health: chronic sleep deprivation or binge drinking? Download our sleep ...
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