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Jessica Tong, RD

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The Healthier Takeout Lunches Guide - Free Download

Small changes to your takeout lunch order - like swapping crispy chicken for grilled - can have a ...
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Top trending superfoods for 2018

March is National Nutrition Month in Canada and we’re looking at which top foods are trending this ...
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5 foods that are falling off the popularity list (for good reason)

By Jessica Tong, RD | February 15 2018 | Nutrition & Recipes
Some food trends stick around for decades, others fall in and out of fashion like styles of jeans. ...
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"Healthy" Takeout Meals with More Carbs Than Half a Loaf of White Bread!

By Jessica Tong, RD | February 01 2018 | Nutrition & Recipes
Busy work days and an endless array of lunch options can make healthy work days a daunting task. By ...
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Homemade shrimp wonton soup

Warm up to a bowl of Jessica Tong's ginger chicken broth with homemade shrimp wontons. 
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Gluten-free mini banana pancakes

These mini pancakes are perfect for lazy weekend mornings. Serve with plain Greek yogurt for a ...
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Think artificial sweeteners are a better choice? Think again!

By Jessica Tong, RD; Andrea Stokes RD, and Dr. Farrell Cahill, Senior Research Lead, Medisys Health ...
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Cutting carbs?  Try our healthy low-carb meal planner!

Low-carb living shouldn't mean eating bacon, cold cuts, and high-fat cheese for every meal! If you ...
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Guess how much money your company is losing to persistent diarrhea?

By Jessica Tong, RD | September 08 2017 | Physical Health
Let’s get down to business. About 15-30% of Canadians suffer from chronic constipation1, ...
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Are you drinking the calorie equivalent of a pile of donuts?

By Jessica Tong, RD | September 07 2017 | Nutrition & Recipes
Do you enjoy a glass of wine to help you unwind after a stressful work day or a cold beer on a hot ...
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30 Day No Refined Sugar Challenge Sign Up

Canadians consume, on average, 88 pounds of total sugars from all sources, each year. That's FOUR ...
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