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Special issue: #Stayhome and flourish

Week five of physical distancing has just begun for many of us, and while it might be getting ...
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Q&A with Dr. Le, family physician at Medisys

Dr. Hoa Phong Le is one of Medisys’ Montreal-based family physicians who — like many Canadians — ...
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3 ways to curb anxiety at home

There’s no way around it — for the time being, we’re going to be spending more time in and around ...
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4 crowd-pleasing freezer recipes

Freezer food often brings thoughts of frozen peas and your mother’s tried and true casserole. But ...
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Special issue: Navigating our new reality

During life before COVID-19, experts estimate we received 34 GB of new information daily (that’s ...
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4 ways on how to support employees during COVID-19

By Medisys | April 02 2020 | COVID-19 (Coronavirus)
Canadian employers are being forced to make hard decisions every day as they work to keep their ...
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6 COVID-19 myths busted

By Medisys | April 02 2020 | COVID-19 (Coronavirus)
As Canadians continue to navigate news from a variety of sources and learn more about the COVID-19 ...
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How to maintain physical distancing during good weather

By Medisys | April 01 2020 | COVID-19 (Coronavirus)
Spring is here and the sun has been making an appearance more and more – a refreshing change when ...
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Your COVID-19 cheat sheet

By Medisys | March 31 2020 | COVID-19 (Coronavirus)
From “R0” to “contact tracing”, this pandemic has introduced a new lexicon of words, leaving many a ...
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Special issue: How to thrive and stay healthy during COVID-19

The​ COVID-19 pandemic may be the defining global health crisis of our time​, but we're here to ...
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Webinar recording: The employer's guide to COVID-19

By Medisys | March 30 2020 | COVID-19 (Coronavirus)
There are many uncertainties surrounding COVID-19, including its impact on your organization. As ...
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COVID-19: Questions and answers for employers

By Medisys | March 30 2020 | COVID-19 (Coronavirus)
What should we do if an employee tests positive for COVID-19? If an employee is suspected to have ...
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Pandemic meal planning: 4 wholesome pantry recipes

Are you short on fresh produce? Unable to grocery shop? Trying to make use of the pantry and ...
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Recipe: no-bake energy bites

By Medisys | March 25 2020 | Nutrition & Recipes
Makes about 20-25 bites.
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Mental health & COVID-19: 5 tips for coping

By Medisys | March 23 2020 | COVID-19 (Coronavirus)
The COVID-19 outbreak and pandemic may cause feelings of stress, anxiety and fear in anyone. ...
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COVID-19: Advice for Parents

By Medisys | March 20 2020 | COVID-19 (Coronavirus)
With schools, daycares, March break camps and community centres across Canada closed during the ...
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March Newsletter - The Power of Food

By Medisys | March 10 2020 | Newsletters
We live in an age where chefs are celebrities and recipe bloggers have millions of social media ...
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February Newsletter - Get proactive. Get preventive.

By Medisys | February 06 2020 | Newsletters
Optimal health is often dubbed a gift (does "the gift of good health" ring a bell?) but it's ...
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Testimonial: my preventive health assessment revealed a time-bomb

By Medisys | February 03 2020 | Physical Health
Photo of Ian Gray and family provided by: VANESSA MORRIS PHOTOGRAPHY Copeman Healthcare is part of ...
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January Newsletter - The Best Start Issue

By Medisys | January 07 2020 | Newsletters
Often on the heels of a holiday season full of cocktails, sweets and canapés, we find ourselves ...
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4 Ways to love your body in 2020

By Medisys | January 06 2020 | Mental Wellness
We’re only days into January but odds are your social media feeds are already flooded with messages ...
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December Newsletter - Your Holiday Thrive Guide

By Medisys | December 03 2019 | Newsletters
It's the season of festive gatherings and holiday movie magic — but this time of year can include ...
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Thank you, from your partner in health

By Medisys | December 03 2019 | News, Meet Our Experts
As another year draws to a close, we want to express our deepest gratitude for trusting us with ...
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How to keep the peace this holiday season

By Medisys | December 03 2019 | Mental Wellness
As a child, the holidays are magical — the lights, the songs, the warmth of your family around you. ...
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6 Tips for managing holiday loneliness

By Medisys | December 03 2019 | Mental Wellness
The holiday season is often synonymous with spending extra time with friends, family and coworkers ...
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November Newsletter - spotlight on digestive health

By Medisys | November 05 2019 | Newsletters
With the holidays (and corresponding rich food) right around the corner, it's more important than ...
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10 superfoods that are keto diet friendly

By Medisys | November 04 2019 | News, Nutrition & Recipes
If you are cutting carbs by reducing your consumption of highly-processed foods and refined sugar, ...
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October Newsletter - This autumn, don't fall out of health

By Medisys | October 01 2019 | Newsletters
As the fall weather arrives, start preparing yourself for piles of leaves and cold weather ...
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7 reasons to use virtual care this fall

By Medisys | October 01 2019 | News, Virtual Healthcare
The autumn season is on its way, and with it comes more than cozy weather and pumpkin spice lattés. ...
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The flu vaccine: myths and facts

By Medisys | October 01 2019 | News, Physical Health
Every year in Canada, the flu leads to upwards of 12,000 hospitalizations and about 3,500 deaths. ...
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Achieving healthy self-esteem

By Medisys | September 25 2019 | Mental Wellness
In a culture obsessed with brands, aesthetics, image and general perfection, it’s becoming ...
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Stop Multitasking at Get More Done

By Medisys | September 22 2019 | Mental Wellness, News
Do you ever find yourself wondering where the day went, feeling like you didn’t actually get ...
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Mental Health in the Workplace: Fighting Stigma

By Medisys | September 09 2019 | Mental Wellness, News
One in five Canadians will face a mental health issue during their lifetime — an issue touching ...
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September Newsletter - A new school year, a fresh start at work

By Medisys | September 05 2019 | Newsletters
The summer holidays are coming to an end and it’s time to go back to business, and busy-ness! In ...
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5 tips for preventing the spread of influenza in the workplace

By Medisys | September 04 2019 | News, Physical Health
Millions of Canadians are impacted by the flu. Thousands die annually from flu complications. For ...
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5 Things to look for when comparing virtual care platforms

By Medisys | September 04 2019 | News, Virtual Healthcare
In recent years, advances in technology have made virtual healthcare tools affordable and ...
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August Newsletter - A summer of self-care

By Medisys | August 06 2019 | News, Newsletters
Practicing self-care is something we should be doing 365 days a year, but it’s so much easier when ...
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How to Boost Employee Wellness Benefits and HR with IT Solutions

Last May, the unemployment rate in Canada was down to 5.4% – the lowest in nearly half a decade. ...
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Medisys 30-Day Mental Health E-Challenge - Sign up for Free Today!

By Medisys | July 15 2019 | Challenges & Guides
So many of us see our family physicians at least once or twice a year in regards to matters that ...
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The Top Preventative Corporate & Employee Health Plan Option

By Medisys | July 05 2019 | Virtual Healthcare
Modern health care options for employers to help keep their employees healthy, cut down on ...
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July Newsletter - Make the Most Out of Summer

By Medisys | July 04 2019 | Newsletters
After this year’s cold Canadian winter, the arrival of summer has been warmly welcomed. Now that ...
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Sick on vacation? Skip the walk-in clinic with virtual care

By Medisys | July 02 2019 | News, Virtual Healthcare
Has your summer vacation ever been interrupted by a trip to a local hospital or walk-in clinic? ...
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2019 Virtual Healthcare Industry Report - Free Download

When it comes to virtual healthcare in Canada, a great divide exists between current demand for it ...
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June Newsletter - Taking Charge of Your Health & the Health of Your Planet

By Medisys | June 01 2019 | Newsletters
On June 5th, World Environment Day is celebrated across the globe. Making small changes to your ...
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10 myths about virtual care

By Medisys | May 31 2019 | News, Virtual Healthcare
Does the word “virtual” bring to your mind images of high-tech 3D goggles and holograms? Contrary ...
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Fighting Seasonal Allergies

By Medisys | May 31 2019 | News, Physical Health
The arrival of beautiful weather signals trees to begin pollinating in earnest. This process causes ...
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The Benefits of Interval Training

By Medisys | May 21 2019 | Physical Health
For many people, cardiovascular training can seem like a daunting task.  Now is the time to get ...
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What you need to know about Vitamin D

By Medisys | May 15 2019 | Nutrition & Recipes
In a country with little, if any, opportunity to synthesize enough vitamin D during the fall and ...
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May Newsletter - The Women's Health Issue

By Medisys | May 07 2019 | News, Newsletters
From childhood to senior age, women face many life conditions and health issues specific to their ...
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Taking the stigma out of vaginal atrophy

By Medisys | May 02 2019 | News, Women's Health
Within a few years of menopause, up to 50% of women develop symptoms related to vaginal atrophy ...
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The best foods for women as they age

It’s no surprise that women have different nutritional needs than men. Hormonal changes that occur ...
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4 Reasons to consult a virtual doctor

By Medisys | April 25 2019 | News, Virtual Healthcare
Technological innovation is transforming most Canadian industries, and a recent study on behalf of ...
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If you want to take charge of your future, consider these 5 things

Don't underestimate the power of putting your goals on paper! Are you a planner? Most of us are ...
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5 Health issues that can be treated with an online doctors visit

By Medisys | April 17 2019 | News, Virtual Healthcare
It’s a tough reality in Canada that obstacles like long doctor’s office wait times and difficulty ...
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