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Bodyweight Exercise Guide - Free Download

By Medisys on June 04 2020 | Challenges & Guides

Prioritizing your health is essential in living a happy, healthy life. There are many ways to do that, but one of the most important factors is a consistent physical activity routine, which can be done in many ways –  inside, outside, with weights, or without weights. With the limitations caused by COVID-19, it is understandable that committing to an active lifestyle hasn’t been as easy, but we hope this 2020 Bodyweight Exercise Guide encourages you to implement an exercise regimen you can stick to and continue using in the future.

Features of the exercise guide:

  • 10-day guide that can extend up to eight weeks
  • Targeted exercise programs: full-body, lower body, core/abs, and upper body
  • Each program should only take 30 minutes
  • No exercise equipment required
  • Ideal for individuals at the beginner to intermediate stage, but difficulty can be adjusted
  • Progress tracking sheet provided for each program

Download the Bodyweight Exercise Guide