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Employee Wellness Program Success Story - CAA Club Group

Since CAA Club Group launched their Tri Fit employee wellness program in August 2014, the company has seen a 47% decrease in sick and disability days, 75% fewer participants experiencing high levels of stress, a 30% decrease in workplace accidents, and a 36% decrease in employee slips, trips and falls. Here is their story.


Wellness at CAA Club Group 

When CAA Club Group launched their wellness program for 1,500 + employees in South Central Ontario (SCO) in August 2014, their goal was to create and sustain a culture that educates, motivates and empowers employees to adopt and practice healthy workplace and lifestyle traits. They believed that “keeping the workforce healthy and productive is simply smart”.


CAA Club Group Wellness Program Goals

Before the program was launched CAA completed a rigorous planning process to develop the program’s goals and objectives. Over three years into the program, the following goals still resonate:

  1. Provide resources and activities to heighten awareness around healthy lifestyle choices including fitness, weight management/ nutrition, stress management and work/life balance
  2. Promote a culture of wellness where associates feel supported to achieve their personal health and wellness goals.
  3. Integrate wellness into the work environment ensuring programs reach satellite locations and retail stores and meet organizational goals.

At the core of their strategy is the program’s mission, which is to support employees to “Be Present, Be Engaged in Your Life: at home and at work!”




A variety of programs and services are available to associates to help them be their best and feel their best and which touch on their four pillars of wellness. CAA’s moto “Making bad days good. And good days better” is at the core of every event. The CAA wellness program is coordinated by a Tri Fit wellness consultant three days/week. The on-site consultant dedicated to CAA is supported by HR, a wellness advisory committee, and wellness champions.  


Health & Wellness Programs

In celebration of Canada’s 150th birthday, and to encourage Associates to get moving, CAA launched the 150 Play List Challenge in 2017. The 150 Play List was among the most popular offerings, and by the end of the year Associates had logged 1,320 activities. Other programs coordinated to support physical and mental wellbeing include:

  • Social breaks with big games & fooseball
  • Departmental stretch breaks led by trained employee volunteers which support CAA’s Safety goals
  • Associate appreciation events
  • Associate health fair
  • Chair massage sessions
  • “Showerless” fitness classes
  • Workshops & webinars
  • A mindfulness meditation program
  • A Fit for Points Program, where associates earn points for participating in a 5k active event 

The Financial Wellness Challenge, “Who wants to be a CAA Millionaire” integrates wellness and financial planning.


Measuring Success at CAA

Understanding that it can take two to five years to realize the impact of wellness programs on health care costs and other financial outcomes, CAA has taken a holistic approach to measuring outcomes from their wellness program including:

  • Leadership buy-in
  • Culture shift
  • Wellness participation at events
  • Increased associate engagement
  • Champions
  • ROI measurements


2016 ROI Measurements

Three years into their program CAA has seen an impressive ROI resulting from initiatives in all four wellness pillars, summarized below: 


Health: CAA provides a holistic approach to health by offering various programs as each associate has different health goals. CAA saw a 25% decrease in the quantity of drugs used to treat diabetes. Dispatch had a 47% decrease in sick and disability days.


Mental Health: Providing a mentally healthy workplace is one of CAA’s overall wellness goals. A meditation survey revealed a 75% decrease in the number of participants who felt highly stressed. CAA also saw a decrease in days lost to mental health for associates on disability.


Financial Health: CAA offers a variety of options to help associates save for retirement. Year after year they have seen an increase in optional DC pension contributions. 42% of associates now contribute the maximum contribution amount.


Safety: CAA is “Obsessed with Member Safety”.  Since the inception of their wellness program, there has been a 30% decrease in accidents and a 36.4% decrease in associate slips, trips & falls. They had a WSIB Neer Refund of $136,417.


Lessons Learned

Since the inception of the program in 2014, CAA Club Group is still learning what comprises a successful and sustainable wellness program. Here are a few key wellness program lessons learned. 

  • Wellness programs are not “one size fits all”
  • Monitor the progress and adoption of your programs
  • Targeted communications are important 
  • Have "Wellness Champions" from different areas of the business
  • Track and report the financial impact of programs against operational costs (ROI)
  • Use surveys to build your programs because…employee opinions matter

Employee wellness questions? Contact Veronica Marsden at veronica@trifit.com


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