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Educational video: Sit like a pro

By Medisys on April 23 2020 | Educational videos

Whether we're working at home or in the office, most of us spend the majority of our day sitting in front of our computer. While we can't always leave our desks, we can make our workspace more functional and comfortable. Making minor adjustments to your daily routine will reduce aches, pains and risk of injury and improve your health, energy and performance. You will learn:

  1. Tips to reconfigure your workstation
  2. How to improve your posture for maximum comfort
  3. Best exercises to improve posture and back health
  4. Best stretching exercises for work and home

Duration: 17'18

Ergo_Sit Like a Pro_Medisys_extended


Please note: The information provided by Medisys is educational in nature and not prescriptive. Medisys does not accept liability for any health condition as a result of its educational material. It is the individual’s responsibility to make educated decisions and create their own course of action.


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