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Tri Fit Employee Wellness Programs - When It's All Fun and Games!

By Medisys on August 02 2018 | Mental Wellness, News, Physical Health

Veoneer Canada is a pioneer in promoting the health and well being of their employees. Supported by one full-time Tri Fit consultant the Veoneer Canada employee wellness program includes fitness classes in the on-site gym, individual exercise program consultations, and a variety of  other wellness initiatives and spirit-filled events like the annual "Wacky Olympics".


Wacky Olympics

The Veoneer Canada Wacky Olympics is an hour-long session of kids’ games for adults focused on teamwork, comradery and fun.  In teams of six, employees must communicate and work as a cohesive unit to maneuver their way through sports activities, silly relay races, games, puzzles, and even pillow fights.  Not only must they test their mental and physical abilities, but teams are encouraged to show some creativity as well.  Participants are required to dress according to the event’s theme. 

Veoneer employees compete for prizes which are awarded to the top three teams. A special award is given to the team wearing the best costumes and the individual employee who shows the most spirit throughout the event.  Even though everyone likes to win, the main themes each year are focused around fun and teamwork!

Employee "Wacky Olympics" started out in the late 1980’s as a single company event - but over time it has morphed into an annual activity for many Tri Fit employee wellness client locations.  One Tri Fit wellness coordinator saw the potential in this “wacky” event and transformed it into a Tri Fit summer tradition shared by our employee wellness clients across Canada. 

Today, a number of our employee wellness clients have adopted Wacky Olympics and it continues to be a favourite event among employees.  In the case of Wacky Olympics - fun is what the doctor ordered. Fun is what keeps bringing employees back year after year, while also recruiting new ones.


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About Veoneer Canada

Veoneer Canada develops cutting-edge technology for the Future Car. The international, agile and highly collaborative teams aim to accelerate the growth in Autonomous Driving and be the leader in Advanced Driver Assistance Systems. They empower their people and are dedicated to their professional development and growth. With 7600 employees in 13 countries, the growing team has the goal to lead the revolution underway in the automotive industry…and then be the pioneer for what comes next. 


About Tri Fit 

Since 1979, Tri Fit has been delivering corporate fitness facility management and design services as well as workplace health and wellness programming to over 110,000 users across Canada. Tri Fit has partnered with many of Canada's top companies to promote employee and organizational health, energy and performance.  Tri Fit is a proud member of the Medisys Health Group, Canada's leading provider of comprehensive, preventive and corporate healthcare solutions.  Medisys Health Group delivers a range of industry leading clinical services and solutions designed to improve health outcomes that help clients live healthier and safer lives wherever they may be – at work, at home, or abroad. 


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