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Eating Well While On The Go

By Medisys on March 31 2018 | Nutrition & Recipes

Fewer and fewer people these days are eating all of their meals at home. Making home-cooked meals is typically the healthiest way to go, but it's not always realistic. Here are some tips for staying healthy while on the go. 


  • Start with a healthy, high-protein breakfast: for example a high fibre, no-sugar-added cereal with plain Greek yogurt and fruit. Click here for high protein breakfast ideas. 
  • Avoid foods that are high in refined sugars: Canadians consume, on average, about 88 pounds of total sugars from all sources, each year. That's FOUR TIMES the daily recommended limit by the World Health Organization. Excess consumption of sugar has been linked to obesity, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, cancer, and strokes. Research suggests that refined sugar and other highly processed foods can also lead to food addiction and compulsive overeating (for more on food addiction click here). If you want to cut sugar, try our 30-day no-sugar challenge.
  • Sip water all day long: Dehydration - even very mild dehydration - can lead to headaches, fatigue and moodiness. If you want a boost, try or 9 day hydration challenge.
  • Enjoy your morning cup of coffee, but keep caffeinated drinks to a minimum: The maximum amount of caffeine recommended per day is 3 cups (24 oz) of brewed coffee.  


When dining out, keep these tips in mind: 

  • Skip the starch portion of your main dish entirely, or substitute it with vegetables.  Most takeout meals contain carb portions that are up to 10 times larger than the recommended serving size.  Check out this guide.
  • Opt for two appetizers instead of an appetizer and a main course
  • Listen to your satiety signals, be mindful when you eat, and don't try to finish everything on the plate.  Ask for a container to save leftovers for tomorrow's lunch or another meal.
  • Looking for healthier meal takeout options? Check out our takeout lunch guide.


Being busy isn't an excuse to neglect your health.

It's hard to argue that our health is one of our most precious assets.  Unfortunately, good health is something few of us fully appreciate until it starts depreciating.  Most of us want to make our health a priority, but somehow we just can't find the time In a recent survey conducted by IPSOS, 68% of Canadians surveyed reported having avoided seeing a doctor when they were sick because of long wait times, the inability to book appointments outside of normal work hours, and other barriers. Want to save time? Renew prescriptions, obtain specialist referrals, and text or video chat with healthcare professionals instantly any time you need using a convenient, secure mobile app




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