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Is movement the secret to happiness?

By Medisys on January 19 2017 | Cardiovascular Health, Physical Health

Our bodies were designed to be active, not to sit behind desks, cars, and on couches all day. Regular, daily physical activity promotes a healthy heart and cardiovascular system, a healthy brain, strong bones and the muscular strength and flexibility required to reduce injury risk or bounce back to our daily lives more quickly post-injury.  Got health questions? We've got answers. Email us at info@medisys.ca 

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Exercise is more than a way to lose weight or get tonned. Regular physical activity helps relieve chronic heartburn and constipation, reduces your risk of depression and anxiety, reduces your risk of diabetes, improves your mood, increases cognitive function, and promotes brain health. Exercise also reduces your risk of developing certain forms of cancer, such as breast cancer and colon cancer.  By lowering blood pressure, total cholesterol, triglycerides (fat), and raising your “good” cholesterol (HDL), exercise can also significantly reduce the risk of premature death from heart attacks and strokes. Finally, regular activity (especially strenght training) substantially reduces the risk of osteoporosis (strong bones aren't built with calcium suppliments). 

If that wasn't enough, exercise also helps reduce levels of cortisol, the “stress hormone”.  Chronic elevated levels of cortisol (chronic stress) has been shown to increase blood pressure and blood sugar, weaken the activity of the immune system and inhibits bone formation. Regular exercise is a great way to help reduce and control stress.

Regular exercise offers a host of other health benefits beyond weight loss, such as increased energy, improved posture & balance, better blood circulation, and improved ability to fight disease.  For most people, physical activity also helps them sleep better and boosts their confidence and general outlook on life.

Regular physical activity can also put that spark back into your sex life. Research suggests that men who exercise regularly are less likely to experience erectile dysfunction. Regular exercise for women can also lead to enhanced arousal. So it’s time to get off of the couch!

Many people think that exercise must be time-consuming in order to be beneficial - it doesn't. Here are some tips to get your started. Most people find that once they get started, it's hard to stop. Try some of these tips. 


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