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Is sitting the new smoking?

By Medisys on September 13 2016 | Physical Health

Canadians come from a “Sitting Culture”. Improving health and heart disease prevention with regular exercise is core to the Medisys philosophy as a preventive health provider. Our society has evolved from hunter/gatherer to agrarian to one that is now technological in nature and which involves less and less physical activity.  “Screen time” is beginning to dominate our society and has, unfortunately, created a culture of inactivity. Sitting is an epidemic with very serious health implications for individuals and our society.

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  • On average, adults spend 9 hours and 48 minutes of their waking time being sedentary, including a whopping 30 hours of television a week.
  • In the 1970’s approximately 20% of our jobs were defined as involving “light activity” and 30% were defined as high activity jobs. By the turn of the century, the amount of people with primarily “sitting” jobs doubled!
  • Sitting disease has real health consequences according to a study published by Dr. Emma Wilmot, long time sitters have a 112 percent increased risk of developing diabetes and a 147 percent increased risk of having a heart attack or stroke, coupled with a 900% chance of dying from such an event. In addition, longtime sitters have a 49 percent increased risk of dying prematurely –learn more here.

Clearly, excessive sitting is bad in almost every way. Worst of all, it makes us old...fast!





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