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Top Picks for Wearable Fitness Technology

By Medisys on March 30 2017 | Physical Health

Aside from its convenient location in your pocket or on your wrist, wearing a fitness tracking device can help you stay motivated, set goals, plan for future fitness activity, and keep you on the right path to achieving your health goals. Are you the type of person who likes bells and whistles, or do you prefer to keep it simple? Are you motivated by competition, by social connectedness, or by earning points? It's important to chose a tracking device that works for you and your lifestyle. We’ve selected our favourite apps and wearable tech devices to suit different kinds of personalities. 


If you’re looking to take your fitness to the next level and love competition, the Strava tracking community is for you. Strava encourages users to “prove it” by challenging friends, comparing results and earning badges for distance, speed and metres climbed.



In addition to tracking and analyzing your workouts, Map My Fitness, Runtastic and Nike+ are all apps that automatically upload your achievements to your social media profile, helping you stay accountable and maybe even boast about it.


Points lover

We love Carrot Rewards its an app that lets you earn your favourite points in exchange for meeting your fitness goals or making healthy lifestyle choices. You can chose from popular points programs like Aeroplan® Miles, Drop, More Rewards®, Petro-Points, RBC Rewards, and SCENE®.


Number cruncher

Try using a Polar H7 heart rate monitor with your Smartphone to get an accurate, live heart rate while you train. Tracking your heart rate during exercise will help you stay within a safe but effective range.


The keep it simple type

The classic Fitbit is an easy to use device you wear on your wrist which automatically analyzes your movement. It will analyze your frequency, duration, intensity and movement patterns throughout the day to determine steps taken, distance travelled, and calories burned. You can find this data on your fitbit online profile.


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