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Healthy carrot cake overnight oats

By Meghan Wilton on April 30 2018 | Nutrition & Recipes

Overnight oats are a great solution for a busy morning. Oats provide fibre and protein to help keep you feeling full until lunch. Whole grains like oats have been linked to a lower risk of heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes, obesity and certain cancers.  For easy grab-an-go weekday breakfasts, mix together the overnight oat ingredients and distribute in several mason jars to take to work in the mornings. The best thing about overnight oats is that you can get creative!  



  • Add ½ cup of milk (or non-dairy alternative), unsweetened yogurt, or unsweetened kefir to ½ cup of oats 
  • Stir in 1 tbsp. of all natural nut butter (peanut butter, almond butter, etc.), 1 tbsp. of chia, flax or hemp hearts, ¼ cup of chopped nuts or seeds (eg. unsalted almonds, walnuts, pumpkin seeds, etc.), and ½ tbsp. of your favourite topping like unsweetened cocoa powder, unsweetened shredded coconut, grated carrot, or grated zucchini. 
  • Leave covered in refrigerator overnight.
  • Before serving, add ½ cup of fresh chopped fruit or berries 


Recipe Idea #1: Carrot Cake Overnight Oats 

½ Cup oats
¾ Cup milk or unsweetened milk alternative
3 tbsp. grated carrots
½ tbsp. raisins
½ tsp. cinnamon
¼ tsp. vanilla
¼ tsp. almond extract (optional)
1 tbsp. unsweetened flaked coconut
1 tbsp. chopped walnuts or pecans
Optional: 1 tsp. pure maple syrup
Optional for more protein: protein powder or plain Greek yogurt


Recipe Idea #2: Peanut Butter Banana Overnight Oats 
½ C quick oats
½ C milk or milk alternative
1 tbsp. natural peanut butter (or other nut butter)
1 banana (or ½ banana + ½ C berries to add variety)
1 tbsp. unsweetened cocoa powder
1 tbsp. chia seeds or ground flax
1/2 tsp. vanilla
Pinch of cinnamon


Recipe Idea #3: Very Berry Overnight Oats 
½ C quick oats
½ C milk or unsweetened milk alternative
¼ C plain Greek yogurt
2 tbsp. chia seeds
½ C berries (strawberries, blueberries, raspberries)
½ of a banana
2 tbsp. nuts of choice (walnuts, almonds)
1-2 tsp. vanilla extract


Questions? Contact the author, Registered Meghan Wilton at Meghan.Wilton@medisys.ca 



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