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Meet Kimberley Paré, R.D., Medisys Montreal

Kimberley Paré is a registered Dietitian based out of the Medisys executive clinic in Montreal. She is a member of the Order of Professional Dietitians of Québec (OPDQ) and holds a Bachelor’s of Science in Dietetics and Human Nutrition from McGill University. Over her career, Kimberley has worked both in clinical settings and in private practice, specializing in such fields as internal medicine, oncology, cardiac recovery, pulmonary rehabilitation, obesity, preventative health and most namely, sports nutrition.

As a competitive athlete and advocate for health, Kimberley is the consulting dietitian for the Lethbridge Ride to Conquer Cancer as well as a coached for several athletes out of the Medisys executive clinic, helping all clients to achieve nutrition and performance goals no matter how large or small, long or short term. Most recently, she has delved into the psychology of eating behaviour to understand the emotional and social habits that guide our dietary choices.

Kimberley believes in a balanced approach to eating, focusing on enjoying our food, being mindful of how we eat and using science and the latest research to help guide how we balance the foods that we eat for optimal health, athletic performance and weight management.


1. What was your first job?

My first job was as a camp counsellor at a day camp. As I was a certified lifeguard, I was pinned as the main first aid provider for the whole camp, which I think was appropriately suited to my skillset as I later went on to work as an emergency room coordinator while studying for my dietetics degree.

2. Why focus on preventative health?

I chose to work at Medisys in preventative health for the same reason I chose to be a dietitian; the way we treat our bodies has such a huge impact on our health outcomes so if I can help my clients prevent or treat disease with my counselling, then I can make a positive and long-lasting impact in their lives. That’s the best part about Medisys, seeing my clients year after year and the changes they have made are so tangible and evident in everything from their energy and outlook to their blood work.

3. What do you do for fun?

I am a sports addict, my way of de-stressing, having fun and being with friends is through activity. I play competitive ultimate Frisbee year-round and am an avid skier, tennis player, rock climber and beach volleyball player. My family, friends and even some colleagues sometimes call me the energizer bunny, always going from one sport to the next, I hope to play sports well into my 80s!

4. What is the best advice I have ever received?

Sometimes I find life can be stressful or fast-paced due to busy schedules, to do lists etc… so I have found the best advice I have heard is to just breathe. There is nothing that can’t be solved or dealt with, so relax, take a breath and look at things with a level head. I find when I do that, everything turns out just fine.

5. What’s the secret to lifelong health?

Be kind to yourself and others, be mindful, grateful and balanced in your eating habits, do what you love as often as possible and drink lots of water!


Ready to have a positive impact on your health and well-being? Book a consultation with Kimberley and get tailored recommendations and practical advice to help you reach your goals (weight loss, cardiovascular health,Gastrointestinal health and more).