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Meet Dr. Howard Goldstein, Medisys Montreal

Dr. Howard Goldstein serves as Corporate Medical Director for Medisys Executive Health. In this role, he provides leadership and sets direction for medical care in the company. Dr. Goldstein co-chairs Medisys’ national Medical Standards and Quality Committee, providing thought leadership and guidance to our national network of physicians and clinics.

Dr. Goldstein has over twenty-five years of experience with clinical, academic, and administrative care excellence. His clinical experience includes work in outpatient clinics, obstetrical care, hospital ward work, emergency room care, and geriatric long term care. In addition to his role as Corporate Medical Director, Dr. Goldstein is directly responsible for Medisys’ Montreal based executive health clinics. Prior to joining Medisys, Dr. Goldstein was Assistant-Chief of the Department of Family Medicine and director of an in-patient family medicine ward at the Jewish General Hospital (JGH) in Montreal. Previously, he served as director of residency education for one of McGill University’s hospital based family practice training facilities. In addition, he was elected to and served on the JGH’s medical executive committee, as secretary-treasurer, and assisted with insuring appropriate care and quality services for the institution.

Dr. Howard Goldstein graduated from McGill University School of Medicine, as well as its Family Medicine residency program. He remains an Assistant Professor in the department of Family Medicine at McGill, and is a Fellow of the Canadian College of Family Practice.


What was your first job? 

My first job was delivering newspapers in the neighbourhood, after school.  My first medical job was working in a walk-in clinic and also providing medical coverage on-call nights and weekends for a chronic care facility.


What do you enjoy about medicine?

Helping people feel better!! What else?!  I also enjoy learning about people’s family and what is going on in their daily lives.


What do you do for fun?

Play with my dog, and give her too many treats despite my wife’s protests. I’m also a major movie fan.


What’s the secret to lifelong health?

Everything in moderation, and always find time to stop and smell the flowers.  No one looks back on their life, commenting that they wished they spent more time at work.


What’s the secret to lifelong happiness? 

Happy wife, happy life!


What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?

Always be kind, polite and considerate to anyone you meet.  “Paying it forward” can be very rewarding.


What keeps you inspired? 

The kind feedback I receive from my patients, when I have made an impact in their health and lives.  The memory of my departed mother who suffered terribly with chronic pain late in her life, which inspired me to seek out a career in medicine.


Tell us something few people know about you

That I’m really 6’3” in a 5’3” body!  Also, that I would leave medicine in a heartbeat if Disney offered me a job. I once went to art school at the Montreal museum of fine arts when I was in elementary school, but had no artistic talent.  I would have loved to be involved in animated films.