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Meet our Nursing Heroes

By Medisys on May 11 2020 | News, Meet Our Experts

It’s National Nurses Week, and while nurses have always been healthcare heroes — they deserve our gratitude and global spotlight in extra measure this year. To celebrate their vital role in our communities and within our TELUS Health family, we’d like to introduce you to five nurses who work tirelessly behind the scenes in different nursing capacities:


Lynn Miller circleMeet Lynn Miller, Nurse Practitioner, Akira by TELUS Health

"Since becoming a nurse practitioner many years ago, I have worked in this advanced practice role as a clinician, mostly in rural and remote communities in Labrador and Nova Scotia, as a regulator, as a researcher and as an educator.  The ability to contribute as an NP in these diverse practice settings is one reason why I love my job so much! Every patient has left a special mark on my soul but some of my best memories come from my time in Labrador when I had the privilege to care for the elders from the First Nations and Inuit communities. I learned the power of quiet leadership from these people and have carried it with me ever since."


Yasmin Jivraj CircleMeet Yasmin Jivraj, Registered Nurse, Medisys Montreal

"Being a nurse is an extraordinary job! It requires expertise and compassion; for me it feels like a vocation. The nursing profession also gives us the chance to evolve and apply our skills in different sectors including private clinics, emergency rooms, post-operative, day surgery, CHSLD, CLSC, humanitarian aid and many others. I am so grateful for this opportunity for personal and professional enrichment and growth. For me, being a nurse is the best job in the world."


Heather Wesselo circleMeet Heather Wesselo, Nurse Practitioner, Akira by TELUS Health

"Working with Akira by TELUS Health allows me to use my professional skills and knowledge to help address health care needs of others as they lead their busy lives. My most memorable encounters are with people who feel they are struggling with depression or anxiety symptoms. People share that being able to connect almost immediately for professional assessment, treatment and ongoing follow up with the Akira clinical team has been an overwhelmingly positive experience in their lives. I love my job because although we use a virtual platform, the connections we make with other people — from offering medical travel health advice to family planning to crisis support — allows us the privilege to be a part of their struggles and successes over time. My family likes that through providing virtual healthcare I am able to better balance work and raising young children — a never ending challenge!"

Kathryn Sharman circleMeet Kathryn Sharman, Nurse Practitioner, Akira by TELUS Health

"Being a practitioner with Akira has allowed me to both diversify and enhance my skill set significantly. Throughout my time with Akira I have encountered many patients, some of whom really stand out to me. For example, I have been looking after a family consisting of a mom, dad and two small children. Over time I have developed a close therapeutic bond with them and have been privileged to see the children achieve many of their milestones. Because of how close we have become, the family continues to request to be seen by me. This always makes me smile. Akira is my second home and I am proud to be a member of its family."


Doug Williams CircleMeet Doug Williams, Registered Practical Nurse, Medisys Ottawa

"Coming from a background in health sciences, and with more than 5 years in health related business and marketing, nursing and more specifically preventive health was a true calling. Being part of my patients’ life at critical moments is extremely rewarding. My patients choose to come to Medisys and they rely on us as a resource to improve their lives. Contributing to the success stories around me make me feel proud."