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Meet Your Toronto Dietitians

By Medisys on November 21 2019 | Meet Our Experts


Meghan Wilton

Photo of Meghan Wilton who is one of our registered dietitians who provides nutrition counselling

Meghan Wilton is a Registered Dietitian with Medisys Health Group at the Bay-Adelaide Clinic in Toronto, Ontario. Meghan comes with experience in a community health setting, focusing on preventative health, and empowering communities to take control of their own health through practical food skills and nutrition education. She believes in a food-focused approach, aiming for improved health and wellbeing, balance, long-term sustainability, and a healthy relationship with food. We are all unique, and she is committed to working with individuals to make changes that fit their lifestyle while allowing themselves to enjoy life’s indulgences. Her time as one of our Medisys Dietitians has mainly consisted of working with clients for weight management, heart health, diabetes, and food skills which were delivered through group education, individual nutrition counselling and food demonstrations. Her passion for food shows through her desire to give others the skills and knowledge to better their health through meal planning, meal preparation, and recipe development. Meghan believes in progress, not perfection, and will work with you to create goals to achieve balance in your life that you can maintain health goals and help lead to a healthier you.


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Donna Acal 

Photo of Donna Acal who is a registered dietitian at Medisys

Donna Acal is a Registered Dietitian working at Medisys Health Group at the Bay-Adelaide Clinic in Toronto, Ontario. Donna came to Medisys about ten years ago. She spent time working in dietetic research, retail nutrition and long term care. Donna enjoys helping clients make healthy food choices, separating fact from fiction and providing practical nutritional information that can be applied to everyday living. Similar to all our dietitians, she believes that you can benefit from a healthy lifestyle that includes enjoying all foods thanks to proper nutrition counselling.


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Dusty Stevenson 

Photo of Dusty Stevenson who is one of our dietitians at Medisys. Contact her now for a nutrition plan.

Dusty Stevenson has spent time working in long-term care, private practice and public health. Dusty enjoys working with clients to discover the unique foods and eating patterns that work best for them and together develop strategies and tools to implement them. She uses an evidence-based approach that includes food, supplements, and mindful eating practices towards your health goals. The areas she enjoys most in nutrition include digestive health and plant-based eating patterns.


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Alissa Vieth

Photo of Alissa Vieth who's one of our dietitians at Medisys. Contact her now for a nutrition plan.

Alissa is one of our registered dietitians at Medisys Health Group. She takes a weight inclusive approach to care and grounds her practice in the fact that health is a result of behaviours that are independent of body weight. As a non-diet dietitian, she actively rejects the diet mentality. She aims to help clients cultivate a healthier relationship with food and their body through nourishing multiple components of health and wellbeing. She works hard to give compassionate & evidence-based advice to clients, whatever their age or life circumstances. She supports clients in activating their knowledge by exploring habits and behaviours. Together, a plan of action is developed so the client can achieve their health and nutrition goals.


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Claire Tanner 

Photo of Claire Tanner who works as a dietitian at Medisys.

Claire is one of our Registered Dietitians who's originally from St. John's, now living in Toronto, Canada. Her food philosophy is deeply rooted in her east coast background, she feels that food connects people and can create that warm feeling of being “home” no matter where they are in the world. Claire’s work as a dietitian has been to help people improve their health through nutrition while still enjoying the foods that they eat and drink. She is your “every day” dietitian and believes that making healthy food choices should be a lifestyle rather than a temporary circumstance. With this philosophy in mind, she works with clients to set realistic health goals and create sustainable changes in their behaviour to improve their diets. She is passionate about helping her clients establish a foundation for healthy food choices in their busy days and eliminating any guilt associated with their diet. Claire is currently working on completing a low FODMAP course from Monash University to help clients with living with digestive issues.


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