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Looking for healthy meal ideas? Download our free recipe book.

By Medisys on January 01 2018 | Nutrition & Recipes

Ready to make a change? Healthy living can be delicious too!


80% OF CANADIANS AREN’T GETTING ENOUGH of the health-promoting, disease-fighting phytonutrients in colorful fruits and vegetables. For optimal health, Canadians should be eating two servings (1 cup) of whole fruit and vegetables from EACH colour group (eg. green, red, white, yellow, purple) daily, for a total of 10 servings every day. One serving is about ½ cup of chopped fruit or vegetables, or one whole small fruit such as an apple or a peach. Because fruit is higher in naturally-occurring sugars, it's important to focus more on vegetables eg. 6-7 servings of vegetables and up to 3-4 servings of fruit.

Looking for ideas for healthy, well-balanced meals for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack? Download the Medisys Recipe Booklet for healthy and delicious meal and snack ideas!  



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