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5 Products That Make Health Easy

By Medisys on April 27 2018 | News, Physical Health
Want to make the most of your time? These are our favourite gadgets that make health and wellness easy.

1. Get motivated to get moving with a Fitbit
The new FitBits track not only steps, stairs, and other activities more accurately, they also let you log and chart food intake so you can track calories consumed and burned. Moreover, these handy devices help you understand your sleep patterns so you can get a better nights’ sleep and it also wakes you up peacefully without disturbing your partner with a silent, vibrating alarm. For a little extra push to get you moving, you can organize a Fitbit community challenge to compete against and cheer on your friends and family. Want to start a work-based step challenge? Learn more about employee wellness services including corporate step challenges.
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2. Invest in a Yonanas 100% frozen fruit "ice cream" maker
Who doesn’t enjoy frozen desserts once in a while? Want to eat more frozen desserts without the excess sugar and calories?  Pick up a Yonanas frozen dessert maker (www.yonanas.com) and grab a spoon. OK fine, maybe it’s not Haagen Dazs but it’s pretty darn good considering the only ingredients are whole frozen fruit. You heard us correctly: 100% frozen fruit. No dairy, no fat, no added sugar, no preservatives, nothing but nutritious, vitamin and mineral rich whole fruit. Freeze bananas (or another frozen fruit of your choice), push them down the Yonanas chute and voila. 
3. Splurge on the cadillac of water bottles and stay hydrated
We can’t put our finger on why this water bottle is so much better than the thousands of other reusable water bottles out there but… it just is. The S’well designs are contemporary and chic; the bottle fits perfectly into any standard cup holder, and the vacuum seal keeps your water ice cold for days (not hours). They are not cheap, but they are worth every penny. Check them out at: http://www.swellbottle.com. Need a hydration boost? Try our 9 Day Hydration Challenge. 
4. Looking for a new condiment? Try balsamic glaze
Balsamic glaze is an excellent addition or alternative to salad dressings or marinades, with concentrated sweet flavours and little calories. This glaze is a delicious addition to just about any food from rack of lamb, to grilled vegetables and roast potatoes, to salads. It even tastes great as a low cal alternative to chocolate sauce on desserts like strawberries with greek yogurt or BBQ’d pinaple spears. 
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5. PiACTIVE 12 hour insect repellent
A really great mosquito repellent is worth its weight in gold. Keeping covered in long sleeved shirts and pants all summer to ward off increasingly precarious mosquito-borne diseases like Zika definitely has its merits, but the summer heat and humidity may make the full-body-cover-up strategy a bit impractical. We’ve tried just about every mosquito repellent on the market and our favorite is “PiACTIVE”. It lasts for up to 12 hours, it doesn’t dry out your skin, and doesn’t have a strong smell (note: not safe for kids under 2 months old).
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