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The Ultimate Freezer Guide (How to make your grocery shop last)

The frozen food aisles of many grocery stores are sparse as retailers struggle to keep up with demand. Fresh items may be more readily available, but they just don’t last as long. Or can they?

You may be surprised to learn how many fresh foods can be frozen to prolong their life, take advantage of sales, and reduce your trips to the grocery store. Check out out our Ultimate Freezer Guide chart below!


Freezer guide chart v2


Of course, freezing pre-made meals can be a major time (and stress) saver for busy families too. Quiches, chilis, soups, slow cooker meats, casseroles, quesadillas, burritos, pre-cooked grains and pre-cooked, chopped chicken are all excellent freezer meals, or components of meals, to cook and keep on hand in your freezer.

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