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Medisys 9 Day Hydration Challenge - Sign up for Free Today!

The American Heart Association reminds that staying hydrated is critical for your heart health but ...
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Medisys recipe book - free download

By Medisys | May 09 2018 | Challenges & Guides
Download the free Medisys Digital Recipe Booklet for healthy and delicious meal and snack ideas!  
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Carb comparison guide - takeout lunch orders

Confused about carbs? Check out our guide to discover which takeout meal choices contain more carbs ...
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The Healthier Takeout Lunches Guide - Free Download

Small changes to your takeout lunch order - like swapping crispy chicken for grilled - can have a ...
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The Healthy Low Carb Living Guide - Free Download

If your idea of low-carb living is eating meat and cheese for every meal, it might be time to ...
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The Ultimate Sleep Guide - Free Download

What's worse for brain health: chronic sleep deprivation or binge drinking? Download our sleep ...
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4 Week Micronutrient Challenge Sign Up

By Medisys | March 07 2018 | Challenges & Guides, News
Canadians (especially kids) are getting more than half of their daily calories from processed ...
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4 Week Happiness Challenge Sign Up

By Medisys | November 01 2017 | Challenges & Guides
While Canada is still ahead of the U.S. in overall happiness rankings (according to the world ...
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30 Day No Refined Sugar Challenge Sign Up

Canadians consume, on average, 88 pounds of total sugars from all sources, each year. That's FOUR ...
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