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Thank you, from your partner in health

By Medisys | December 03 2019 | News, Meet Our Experts
As another year draws to a close, we want to express our deepest gratitude for trusting us with ...
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Meet Dr. Harinee Surendra

By Medisys | February 01 2019 | Meet Our Experts
Dr. Harinee Surendra graduated from the University of Toronto’s Integrative Biology program, then ...
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Meet Dr. Tanya Pentelichuk, MD CCFP

By Medisys | May 23 2018 | Meet Our Experts
Dr Pentelichuk has been with Medisys since 2009 and has been in family practice since the age of ...
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Meet Zeina Shukairy, Medisys Montreal

By Zeina Shukairy | February 05 2018 | Meet Our Experts
Zeina is a registered kinesiologist based out of the Medisys clinic in Montreal. Since childhood, ...
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MEET DR. ROSE HSU, Medisys calgary

By Medisys | November 02 2017 | Meet Our Experts
Dr. Hsu graduated with distinction from the University of Victoria with a degree in Biopsychology. ...
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Meet Dr. Howard Goldstein, Medisys Montreal

Dr. Howard Goldstein serves as Corporate Medical Director for Medisys Executive Health. In this ...
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Meet Dr. Emmanuel Poirel, Medisys Montreal

Dr. Emmanuel Poirel is a stress management clinician and has been working at the Medisys Executive ...
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Meet Dr. Rola Masri, Medisys Vancouver

By Medisys | June 05 2017 | Meet Our Experts
Dr. Rola Masri is an executive and occupational health physician based out of the Medisys Vancouver ...
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Meet Dr. Kathee Andrews

By Medisys | May 15 2017 | Meet Our Experts
Dr. Andrews has been a family physician for more than 25 years, she practices preventive medicine ...
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Meet Dr. Ali Tausif, Medisys

By Medisys | May 15 2017 | Meet Our Experts
Dr. Tausif started his medical career in General Surgery in the UK. He then switched to family ...
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Meet Dr. Morris Gordon, Medisys Vancouver

By Medisys | May 12 2017 | Meet Our Experts
Dr. Morris Gordon was born and raised in Vancouver, BC, and graduated from the University of ...
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Meet Kimberley Paré, R.D., Medisys Montreal

Kimberley Paré is a registered Dietitian based out of the Medisys executive clinic in Montreal. She ...
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Meet Mary Polychronas, Medisys Montreal

Mary Polychronas is a licensed Psychologist in private practice, member of the Ordre des ...
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