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Time Saving Holiday Workouts

By Medisys | November 23 2018 | Newsletters, Physical Health
The holiday season can be busy, making it more of a challenge to squeeze in a good workout (at a ...
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Quick and easy lunch ideas

The table below includes a list of healthy snacks that can easily be made into lunches. Be ...
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5 Reasons Why Breast Density Matters

Millions of Canadian women have dense breasts. Most women don’t know what their breast density ...
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November Newsletter - Preventive Health for the Mind and Body

By Medisys | November 02 2018 | News, Newsletters
Preventive health for the body and the mind. This month, learn proactive strategies to help manage ...
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October Newsletter - Healthy Halloween Treats

By Medisys | October 01 2018 | News, Newsletters
Discover how to curb sugar cravings, the truth behind fatty liver disease, and healthy spooky ...
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September Newsletter - Get Back on Track!

By Medisys | September 07 2018 | News, Newsletters
Summer holidays have come to a close and it’s time to get back on track with a new healthy and ...
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August Newsletter - A Summer Guide to Indulging Healthfully

By Medisys | August 02 2018 | Newsletters
It’s the season for backyard barbeques, dockside lounging, and patio cocktails. Indulge and enjoy ...
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July Newsletter - Celebrating Self-Care!

By Medisys | July 05 2018 | Newsletters
July 24 is International Self-Care Day, a time to celebrate staying healthy, practicing self-care, ...
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June Newsletter - The ultime men's guide

By Medisys | June 05 2018 | Newsletters
 Canadian men die 4-7 years younger than Canadian women. This Father’s Day, make health a priority. ...
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May Newsletter - Hypertension Awareness Month

By Medisys | May 08 2018 | Newsletters
The average Canadian consumes more than DOUBLE the daily recommended intake of sodium. Too much ...
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April Newsletter - Spring Forward to a Healthier Future

By Medisys | April 01 2018 | Newsletters
Spring has arrived! As the weather warms and the days continue to get longer, your weekly “to do” ...
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March Newsletter - March is National Nutrition Month

By Medisys | March 01 2018 | Newsletters
Discover the top trending foods in 2018 such as chaga mushrooms and activated charcoal, learn ...
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February Newsletter - Have a Healthy, Happy Heart Month!

By Medisys | February 01 2018 | Newsletters
Heart disease is the second leading cause of death in Canada. 9 in 10 Canadians have at least one ...
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January Newsletter - Make Your Health Goals a Reality

By Medisys | January 01 2018 | Newsletters
It’s 2018, time to start making your health goals a reality! In this month’s issue, discover tips ...
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December Newsletter - The Holiday Survival Guide

By Medisys | December 01 2017 | Newsletters
Between holiday parties, family gatherings, eggnog, cookie exchanges, and advent calendars,  the ...
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November Newsletter - Debunking Health Myths

By Medisys | November 01 2017 | Newsletters
This month, our experts reveal the truth behind the most prevailing skincare and nutrition myths. ...
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October Newsletter - The Ketogenic Diet Issue

By Medisys | October 01 2017 | Newsletters
Is a higher-fat diet really the key to losing weight? Find out what leading Cardiologist Dr. Sebag ...
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September Newsletter - The Stress Issue

By Medisys | September 01 2017 | Newsletters
Stress is implicated in nearly every major chronic condition from Alzheimer’s to obesity and ...
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August Newsletter - Healthy, Informed Eating

By Medisys | August 01 2017 | Newsletters
Which has more carbs: a burrito bowl or 10 slices of white bread? Discover how well-balanced your ...
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July Newsletter - Summer Edition

By Medisys | June 01 2017 | Newsletters
Which is worse for brain health: binge drinking or poor sleep habits? Learn the shocking truths ...
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June Newsletter - Health and Successful Workdays

By Medisys | June 01 2017 | Newsletters
This month's issue is all about healthy and successful workdays. Discover simple substitutions to ...
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May Newsletter - The Sexual Health Edition

By Medisys | May 01 2017 | Newsletters
Learn the latest on sexual health, diet and health weight management, and how processed foods lead ...
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April Newsletter - The Skin Health issue

By Medisys | April 03 2017 | Newsletters
 Learn about skin conditions and treatments from leading Medisys Montreal dermatologist Dr. Amina ...
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February Newsletter - The Calcium Issue

By Medisys | February 14 2017 | Newsletters
This chilly November Medisys offers tips to take care of yourself, a recipe for healthy comfort ...
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January Newsletter - The New Year's Resolution Issue

By Medisys | January 01 2017 | Newsletters
This chilly November Medisys offers tips to take care of yourself, a recipe for healthy comfort ...
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Fall Newsletter - November

By Medisys | November 01 2016 | Newsletters
This chilly November Medisys offers tips to take care of yourself, a recipe for healthy comfort ...
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October Newsletter - preventing the flu

By Medisys | September 08 2016 | Newsletters
Fall is upon us! Stay active and healthy this beautiful season with nutrition tips for runners, ...
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August 2016 Newsletter - New format

By Medisys | August 04 2016 | Newsletters
We are pleased to present a new format for our online newsletter, covering the latest health and ...
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