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The secret to eternal youth? Exercise

        We don't just want to live longer; we want to live as healthy, active adults. No one is ...
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Five easy ways to make your fitness dreams a reality in 2018

By Medisys | June 30 2017 | News, Physical Health
A new year, a new you! Follow these five easy tips to get the most out of your workouts and to make ...
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Top Picks for Wearable Fitness Technology

By Medisys | March 30 2017 | Physical Health
Aside from its convenient location in your pocket or on your wrist, wearing a fitness tracking ...
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Are supplements dangerous?

By Medisys | February 17 2017 | Physical Health
We all know how important it is to eat a balanced diet full of nutrient-rich foods, but in this ...
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Fitness guidelines for a healthy heart

Exercise falls into 3 basic groups:
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Is movement the secret to happiness?

Our bodies were designed to be active, not to sit behind desks, cars, and on couches all day. ...
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Is sitting the new smoking?

By Medisys | September 13 2016 | Physical Health
Canadians come from a “Sitting Culture”. Improving health and heart disease prevention with regular ...
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Is exercise the secret to longevity?

By Medisys | June 15 2016 | Physical Health
According to a large British study, people who take up fitness later in life are more likely to ...
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Manage your weight with an active lifestyle

By Medisys | May 06 2016 | Physical Health
It’s no secret that physical activity and exercise does our body good. But did you know physical ...
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How Hard Should You Exercise For A Healthy Heart?

When you exercise, your heart beats faster to meet the demand for more blood and oxygen by the ...
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Exercise For A Healthy Immune System

By Medisys | January 11 2016 | Physical Health
Do you ever feel like you are constantly trying to get over a cold?
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Pneumonia and pneumonia deaths are increasing in Canada. How can you protect you and your family.

By Medisys | November 25 2015 | Physical Health
Since it’s the season to talk about immunization and flu shots, I thought I would also write about ...
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Cancer Prevention

The Medisys team is proud to help you achieve your health objectives. In order to support your ...
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Why you need to get more sleep

By Medisys | December 23 2014 | Mental Wellness, Physical Health
If you are like many Canadians, you’re getting less than six hours of sleep per night. The ...
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8 nutrition strategies to promote a good night’s sleep…and control your weight

Feeling tired and irritable aren’t the only consequences of poor sleep. Getting too little sleep ...
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