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Is Lipolysis Really Worth All the Hype?

By Medisys | December 04 2017 | Women's Health, Skin Care
How common is cellulite?
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1 in 5 Canadians will get skin cancer. Protect yourself year-round.

By Medisys | November 25 2017 | Skin Care, News, Women's Health
While the death rates for many types of cancers are going down in this country, thanks to earlier ...
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Acne truth and lies

By Dre Amina Bougrine | November 24 2017 | Skin Care
Today more than ever, both in adolescence and in adulthood, men and women feel increased pressure ...
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Foods That Make Your Skin Glow

By Medisys | August 01 2017 | Skin Care
How diet affects skin health remains controversial, but as research progresses, certain nutrients ...
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New Insights on Combating Rosacea

By Medisys | July 03 2017 | Skin Care
        While a subtle, rosy glow to the cheeks lights up a face and reflects good health and ...
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Want younger looking skin? Exercise!

With the winter weather often comes less physical activity, less engagement in outdoor activities, ...
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Rosacea: symptoms, causes, and prevention

By Medisys | April 01 2017 | Skin Care
      Did you know that nearly 3.6 million Canadians suffer from rosacea? Rosacea is a common ...
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A Complete Guide to Sun Protection 

By Medisys | January 22 2015 | Skin Care, Travel Health
      Everyone looks forward to the warm summer sun and the outdoor sports and activities that ...
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Tanned skin is damaged skin. Know your limits.

By Medisys | January 14 2015 | Skin Care, Travel Health
      We’ve all done it. Whether basking in the rays on a park bench, lounging on the shores of a ...
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