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A Complete Guide to Sun Protection 

By Medisys | June 21 2020 | Skin Care, Travel Health
Perhaps this year more than ever, we are all looking forward to the warm summer sun and the outdoor ...
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Coronavirus outbreak: safety recommendations

If you traveled to Asia in the last 15 days and feel sick with fever, and/or cough, and/or ...
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Jet lag? 7 tips to reset your body clock

By Medisys | February 01 2019 | Travel Health
      After taking a flight across two or more time zones, you might find yourself craving an ...
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Yellow Fever Vaccination Shortage in Canada – What You Need to Know

By Dr. Jay Keystone | August 09 2018 | Travel Health
What is yellow fever? Yellow fever is a serious and occasionally fatal disease caused by a virus. ...
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Dr. Jay Keystone: Top 10 Travel Health Tips

Simple preparations can help you make the most of your holiday and avoid getting sick. To learn ...
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Medisys Travel Health: Tick Safety

By Dr. Jay Keystone | February 02 2018 | News, Travel Health
        Ticks are small biting creatures that can range in size from as small as a grain of sand to ...
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Zika Virus 101: What Travelers Need to Consider

By Dr. Jay Keystone | January 26 2018 | News, Travel Health
Zika virus is a flavivirus related to yellow fever, West Nile virus, dengue fever and Japanese ...
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Is Zika taking a bite out of your travel plans this winter?

By Medisys | January 22 2018 | Travel Health
Looking for personalized travel health advice? Click here to schedule an appointment or inquire for ...
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New Malaria vaccine could save tens of thousands of children

By Medisys | May 03 2017 | Travel Health
Dr. Jay Keystone, Director of Travel Health, comments on malaria vaccine report and its relevance ...
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Tanned skin is damaged skin. Know your limits.

By Medisys | January 14 2015 | Skin Care, Travel Health
      We’ve all done it. Whether basking in the rays on a park bench, lounging on the shores of a ...
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