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4 Reasons to Consult a Virtual Doctor

By Medisys | April 25 2019 | News, Virtual Care
Technological innovation is transforming most Canadian industries, and a recent study on behalf of ...
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5 Health Issues That Can be Treated With an Online Doctors Visit

By Medisys | April 17 2019 | News, Virtual Care
It’s a tough reality in Canada that obstacles like long doctor’s office wait times and difficulty ...
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6 Things You Need to Know About Telemedicine and Telehealth

By Medisys | April 01 2019 | News, Virtual Care
Can mobile technology make us healthier? Ever since the first time the telephone was used to ...
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The Telemedicine Advantage

By Medisys | April 01 2019 | Virtual Care
Healthcare technology, including telemedicine and virtual care, is streamlining the ways that ...
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Different Types of Telemedicine

By Medisys | March 13 2019 | Virtual Care
Convenient access to doctors, nurse practitioners and medical services is the driving force behind ...
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Virtual Care 101: Everything you need to know

By Medisys | March 08 2019 | News, Virtual Care
Imagine getting medical attention the moment you need it, anywhere in the world. Picture having a ...
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Dr. Elman on CBC Radio Discussing Virtual care

By Medisys | March 01 2019 | Virtual Care
Healthcare at your fingertips, also known as telemedicine or virtual healthcare, is quickly ...
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How Virtual Care is Reshaping the Future of Canadian Benefits Programs

  In today’s competitive talent pool, understanding employees’ motivations and expectations is ...
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