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Your virtual birthday party guide

By Medisys on May 22 2020 | COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

For kids and adults alike, not being able to have a birthday party during quarantine can feel like a letdown. But in the spirit of making lemonade from lemons, we’re sharing our four-step guide for hosting a virtual party that will make the “guest” of honour feel some extra love this year.

Step 1: Make a birthday montage

The ultimate quarantine birthday gift takes a little bit of legwork, but it’s worth the effort. Use your phone’s video editing feature or a service like Tribute to make a birthday montage full of kind video messages from loved ones. Not only will it be an unforgettable birthday card, but it will also serve as a time capsule of this unique life experience.

Step 2: Embrace a theme

A zoom party without a theme is just a meeting! It could be a tea party, a pirate adventure or an Old Hollywood soirée, but asking guests to dress up for the virtual occasion ups the ante and instantly makes the gathering feel more special.

Step 3: Send dessert ahead of time 

Consider supporting a local bakery and ordering a cupcake with a candle to be delivered to each attendee before the party, or drop off a packaged treat to each guest’s doorstep. (Ordering from a professional bakery ensures safe food handling procedures, while delivering a packaged treat allows guests to open it safely ahead of time). Enjoying the same dessert “together” on a video call makes the experience feel more like the real deal.

Your special day comes once a year, be sure to celebrate with an amazing meal. Check out our #StayHome
Recipe Guide for delicious recipe ideas! Looking for a healthy cake alternative? Celebrate with the refreshing free-of-refined-sugar watermelon birthday “cake”!


Step 4: Plan an activity 

Having an activity to unite attendees during a virtual birthday party — especially for a child — will go a long way in keeping everyone engaged. It doesn’t need to be fancy: dropping off a small container of bubbles, a colouring sheet (there are hundreds available online for free!), a puzzle or a party hat with a few stickers to decorate it will make for a fun change of pace for everyone. A great adult alternative is to use the Netflix Party extension to host a virtual movie night, complete with a chat box for running commentary!

Remember, while hosting a virtual birthday party is fun, it’s OK if you’re just not up for hosting or attending one this year. Connecting with loved ones on the phone or on a video call to let them know you’re thinking about them is the most important act of kindness. We are all in this together.


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